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Recodring Studio Pune


Pune's No.1 Studio for Sound Recording - Singers, Rappers, Voice Over, Dubbing and Instruments

Why Record at Wavlayer?

1. Best Vocal Chain


Neumann U87 Ai (Primary Microphone)


Neve 1073 + EQ (Preamp)


Tube Tech CL1B  (and more software emulation of any compressor of your choice incl. 1176, LA 2A & Distressor)


Univesal Audio Apollo Audio Interface (thunderbolt with software emulations for real time recording)

You will be using the same vocal chain set up as Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Chris brown, A. R. Rahman, Aniana Grande, Michael Jackson and every other international pop star in just Rs. 1000/- an hour!

2. Prestine Acoustics

Experience true soundproofing. Acoustically perfected room for a warm tone and wide sound for perfect recording results. 

3. Quality 

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Wavlayer Recording Studio Test

4. Smooth experience 




Phone call area

Smoking zone

Call or Whatsapp now to book your session!
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F . A . Q

What are your charges?

Can I come and record today?

What are studio timings?

Can I get a discount?

Will I get reverb and Fx, autotune applied on our recordings in per hour cost?

Is your place soundproof?

What microphones and preamps do you have?

Do you also make videos?

I’m a Voice Over artists do you have work for me?

Do you have vacancy for audio engineers or producers?

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