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We are a Recording studio specialized in HipHop/ Rap and R&b based in Pune. We are built to serve rappers & artists. We have monthly membership system that includes free beats per month along with studio time and mix masters to enable rappers & artists to create 2 - 4 songs a month because we understand the importance of being consistent with releases. We have in house industry professional producers who are in-tuned with the current trends in the market and know what works, to create banger beats, top notch quality mixes/ masters and to guide, assist artists to reach their full potential. 

Work We've Done.

Showcase of our Projects, Clients/Members and Music Projects we've produced.

Atmanirbhar Bharat

Music Production and full song delivery 

We created the Jingle song for Covid19 vaccine awareness campaign of "Atmanirbhar Bharat" for the Maharashtra government.


Harder Than Expected

Music Production & Music Video 

What we do best! Produced a catchy beat for artist Ae Zed En's epic rap single: "Harder Than Expected" along with the music video.


Nobel's Single

Recording Mixing & Mastering

We helped rapper Nobel finish his newest upcoming releases. Recording his tracks with finishing and polishing for release ready.

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How the Community feels about us & our work.

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Wavlayer is done an amazing job helping the artist community. They're allowing the talent to have a shot at the opportunity of creating high standard songs and gain professional exposure.

I love the vibe of the studio and professional work ethic of the in house producers. Every time I come to record, I walk out with something finished or complete. I'm also able to work with guidance that's always helpful when I'm in doubt.

No longer do I have to worry about paying hourly to finish my songs. I can come in take my time to do my best till I'm satisfied and not rush my creations. Have as many takes as I want, for a simple monthly memebership. Love it.