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Here at Wavlayer Recording Studio we are a team of active industry professional artists and producers. We know the standard quality of the market and sound trends. We specialize in Hip Hop & Rap and can help guide artists, singers and producers to compose, produce, record and finish songs at top notch quality for radio and international streaming platforms. We are also one of India's finest online beatstores with fresh beats for rappers and artists at super affordable rates for unlimited commercial use. 


At Wavlayer we are also masters of Vocal recording of all types from Voice overs for Ads and narration, AV Podcast recording and Cover songs. And to top it all of offer international quality of mix & Mastering for pop songs at unbeatable prices. Click here to check out our services

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Testimonials from Community and the Pune Rap Scene

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Wavlayer is doing an amazing job helping the artist community. They're allowing new talent to have a great opportunity by guiding them and helping them create top quality music to break into the industry.

I love the vibe of the studio and professional work ethic of the in house producers. Every time I come to record, I walk out with something finished or complete. I'm also able to work with guidance that's always helpful when I'm in doubt.

The beats are all so good and so top quality and I have been able to make so many songs in such a short period of time, because of the affordable prices.

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Add: 113 La Ventana, NIBM Post Office Road, Kondhwa, Pune: 411048

Ladmarks: Opp Sunshree E6 / Before Cloud9 Slope / Above Coffee jar

Email: wavlayer@gmail.com

Phone: +917709303289

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