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This is an initiative by Wavlayer Recording Studio only for signers, rappers and voice over artists in Pune.

We want to create a space for the local scene where artists, engineers and producers can network in a professional setting. But most importantly we want to help the Pune City artists by enabling high quality studio access to support and elevate the city’s sound. So please do not wrongly take advantage of this initiative and spread the word amongst your fellow artists so we all can grow together. 

Please read the Terms and Conditions below before signing up.

1. Only one hour at a Time can be booked for free sessions. 2. For Singers, Rappers & Voice Over Artists only. You can record your originals, covers or commercial work projects. But make sure you don’t waste such a great opportunity! 3. (First come first serve basis) the earlier you register the earlier, you will be contacted. 4. You will be require to follow Wavlayer on instagram, give us a 5 star review, share a reel and inform 2 of your artist friends about this initiative to be eligible for a free session. 5. You have to arrive at the studio 5 mins before your session start time, please respect the Engineers’ and other artists’ time and don’t be late! 6. If you show up 10 mins late without informing or a genuine reason, or arrive being under influence of drugs or alcohol we have the right to decline your appointment. 7. If you confirm an appointment and do not show up for your session you will be declined from booking any sessions in the future. 8. You are permitted to bring collaborating artists in your session. 9. Feel free to network with other producers and artists at the studio, we want to encourage community engagement, but please be respectful and polite. 10. If you are not a local artist but visit Pune frequently you are elidgible to apply as well.

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